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    Micki Hazz, Valley Motor Center

    Micki Hazz, Valley Motor, Fran Kerzner, Design Synthesis, Sherman oaks chamber testimonial, reviewI have been a member of the Sherman Oaks Chamber for many years. First, when I owned my own business in Van Nuys, and then when I became Marketing Manager for another business in Van Nuys. I've been a member of other chambers and have quit them all except the S.O. Chamber. The people here are absolutely wonderful. I can't speak highly enough about the camaraderie and encouragement amongst our members. (If you don't like to smile and laugh, then this chamber is probably not for you.)  

    Not only have I become personal friends with so many of these individuals but we all use each other's business services and I must say...everyone is top quality!!! How does that even happen??? There are many events so you can choose those that fit with your schedule and your business goals. Vicki, the chamber's executive director is absolutely fabulous!!! She has elevated this chamber to such a level that our networking events are often times full and she has encouraged such a loving, supportive environment we all appreciate in the midst of everyday business highs and lows. Thank you S.O. Chamber for being a home for so many businesses and creating a space for us all to become better - not only on a business but also a personal level!

    Jack Bulko, AutoAid 

    Behind every Great organization is a Great Executive Director and her amazing Marketing Manager. I'm speaking of none other than Vicki Nussbaum and Emma jack bulko autoaid, sherman oaks chamber review, membership, testimonialDaly. Both ladies personalize the Chamber of Commerce experience to make you feel like you're their private client. Patient, attentive, knowledgeable and sincerely interested in a members success. I had the pleasure of spending over an hour with Emma discussing Facebook and it's relevance to my business. When I arrived, Emma had an outline printed up specifically for me which after going over it in detail, I took it back to the office with me as a reference for future use. Emma is a wizard at social media and boy do I need help, as I'm sure other members do. Joining the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce was the best marketing value I've found in a long time and Vicki and Emma make it doubly worth it.

    Nooneh Kradjian, S.L.A.M. Tutoring Academy 

    SLAM Tutoring, sherman oaks chamber review, member testimonialI am proud to have a business in Sherman Oaks with such amazing people as fellow chamber members. Thanks for your dedication to the organization and the community!!! My favorite event, along with the entire city is the street fair, but the chamber is so much more than just a fantastic third weekend of October... I know I will be well taken care of at every chamber member business. THANKS ALL!!!  This year I hope we get every new business becoming a member as part of good business practices and community involvement. WELCOME EVERYONE to the ONE OF THE GREATEST ORGANIZATIONS ... and one of the best parts of running a business.