• Sherman Oaks Business Awards Nominations


    The Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce is proud to honor our local businesses.  Nominations are now open and will close on Monday, May 21st.  All winners will be honored at our Business Awards Dinner on Friday, July 20 at Galpin Motors. 

    This year we are seeking nominations for four categories of excellence:

    • Sherman Oaks Community Support: This business makes Sherman Oaks a better place to live, work and play by supporting its local community.
    • Pillar of Sherman Oaks:  This business is a long-standing member of the Sherman Oaks community and it is hard to imagine Sherman Oaks without them.
    • Sherman Oaks Groundbreaker: This business has introduced a new product, service or offering or a new way of doing business that rises above its peers.
    • Business Excellence:  This business consistently delivers superior and consistent unsurpassed customer service.


    Nominated businesses do not need to be located in Sherman Oaks but must have a strong business presence in Sherman Oaks.  The nominated business does not need to be a current member of the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce.  All award recipients will be required to have a current membership in the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce.

    There are two types of voting that will decide the winner of each category:

    1. Chamber Member Vote: Chamber members will be allowed one vote each.  This portion of the voting will be weighted 50%.
    2. Board of Directors Subcommitee vote will be weighted 50%.

    Deadline and Announcement:

    Submissions must be received by Monday, May 21 at midnight.

    Member voting will take place between Tuesday, May 22 and will end on Friday, June 1st.

    Winners will be announced on Monday June 4th. All winners will be honored at our Business Awards Dinner on Friday, July 20 at Galpin Motors. Tickets for this event will go on sale, June 4th.


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