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    South Valley Region los angeles business source program, small business assistance, education, entrepreneurs, icon cdc
    Los Angeles BusinessSource Centers provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with cost effective tools they need to succeed. Services are provided to help small businesses in the City of Los Angeles grow and remain competitive. 
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    los angeles business source program, small business assistance, small business education, entrepreneurs, south valley region businesses, icon cdcBusinessSource South Valley Region is operated by ICON Community Development Corporation.

    ICON CDC’s core emphasis is its BusinessSource Program, which provides free services to entrepreneurs and small business owners in order to promote local economic development, job creation and financial literacy.

    ICON CDC offers an array of workshops and services to help meet the needs of their clients. Their team invites you to join them for a workshop or set up a one-on-one consultation today.

  • Services Services

    • Individual Consultations
      • Their team of staff and consultants will provide expert business advice that will help your business overcome any strategic management issues. Take advantage of their dynamic one-on-one consulting opportunities
    • Small Business Financing 
      • Loan Qualification & Requirements
      • Financial Re-structing
      • Financial Planning
      • Loan Packaging Assistance
      • Credit Review
      • SBA Loans
    • Business Plan Development
      • Marketing Analysis
      • Financial  Forecasting
      • Marketing Strategy
      • Business Plan Review
    • Tax Incentives & Credits
      • Local and Statewide Tax Incentives for Qualifying Small Businesses 
      • DWP Rate Discounts
      • Employee Tax Hiring Credits
  • Business Workshops Business Workshops

    • Business Loan Workshop
      • Learn about SBA Loans, access to capital and how banks evaluate candidates for business loans
    • Restaurant Cost Structure
      • Learn to measure profitability and manage the cost of food, labor and other expenses
    • Marketing 101
      • Learn valuable tips on hw to grow your clientele and improve your sales
    • Accounting/Bookkeeping
      • Learn the basics of accounting software such as QuickBooks & Quicken
    • Financial Literacy
      • Financial Education workshops for both youth and adults
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    Eric Lara
    City of Los Angeles - Business Source Center
    8248 Van Nuys Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 91402 
    P: (818) 894-8800 | E: elara@iconcdc.org