• Frequently Asked Questions

  • Residents & Consumers Residents & Consumers

    I need to speak to someone about an issue related to street services, tree trimming, trash clean-up, homelessness, parking, or other public/city-related issue. Can the Chamber help?

    The Chamber of Commerce isn’t a city organization so we don’t have authority or resources to resolve these issues. Please see our list of city resources to find the most relevant phone number or call 311 to be connected to the city.

    Is [COMPANY NAME] a member of the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce?

    All of our members are listed in our online business directory.

    How can I file a complaint about a business or company located in Sherman Oaks?

    The SOCC is not a city or government agency, and therefore has no authority to investigate how companies conduct business. You can file a complaint against a business with the Better Business Bureau online or by calling the local number at (818) 401-1480.

    Can you tell me if [COMPANY NAME] is a legitimate company?

    No. The Sherman Oaks Chamber is not a government organization, and therefore has no authority to investigate how companies conduct business. Your best sources for researching a business is the Better Business Bureau and your state and local consumer protection agencies, many of which can be found here.

    The Federal Trade Commission has information for consumers on how to avoid scams and rip-offs, as well as tips on other consumer topics.

    Will you send me information on visiting or living in Sherman Oaks, CA?

    The Sherman Oaks Chamber does not provide tourism or relocation information. For tourism information, visit Discover LA

    Is Sherman Oaks a city?

    No, Sherman Oaks is a neighborhood within the City of Los Angeles. All permits or city-related issues should be filed through the City of Los Angeles. 

  • Businesses Businesses

    How do I join the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce?

    It's easy for businesses, chambers, or associations to join the Chamber. Simply fill out the new member application or call/email the office to request a pdf of the application.

    How can I get a business, building, or other permit?

    The Sherman Oaks Chamber isn’t a city organization so we don’t have the authority to grant permits. All permits must be filed through the City of Los Angeles. For permit information visit www.permitla.org or call the city for more information by dialing 311.

    I've forgotten my membership login information. How can I find out what it is?

    Please visit the login page and select “forgot username/password” to reset your information or contact us at info@shermanoakschamber.org/ (818) 906-1951.

    What benefits and services do I get as a member of the Chamber?

    Your membership includes a diverse range of opportunities to network, promote, and increase the visibility of your business. For details on member benefits, view the top 10 reasons to join the Chamber and visit the pages under the “Benefits” tab on the menu bar above for more details.

    How do I sign up for an event? Are they open to anyone?

    You can sign up for an event through our events calendar. If you’re considering joining the Chamber, you can come to one or two events that are open to guests. However, only members are allowed to attend an unlimited number of events.

    Exception: our Annual Chamber Sherman Oaks Street Fair and Spring Into Wellness Health Expo are open to non-members. Members benefit from substantial vendor discounts on these events. 

    What kinds of organizations join the Sherman Oaks Chamber?

    All kinds. Our community is composed of businesses of all sizes from a diverse range of industries.

    Does my business have to be located in Sherman Oaks to join the Chamber?

    No. Businesses from all areas are welcome to join our community. Approximately 30% of our members aren’t located in Sherman Oaks.

    How do I update my information, post hot deals, job openings, or add an event to the calendar?

    Members can login into the Member Information Center here. If you forget your credentials, select “Forgot your username/password?” Or contact the Chamber office.  Only members can add events to our calendar.

    How can I view and purchase membership add-ons?

    Visit our online store or contact us

    I'm interested in registering/learning more about the Sherman Oaks Chamber Street Fair. 

    For more info about the Sherman Oaks Chamber Street Fair, visit the website or contact us at info@shermanoakschamber.org