Here Is Your New Favorite Sherman Oaks Date Spot

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When you have a job that requires you to travel often all over your region/territory, you end up stumbling upon some amazing places that you might have otherwise missed. Because I’m constantly traveling, I’ll take any opportunity to have my girlfriend join me for dinner after a long day. It’s a good way to continue to explore Sherman Oaks, while getting some personal time. After exploring a bunch, here are five of my faves.

Pita Kitchen

This is definitely not for a first date, but if all you’re looking for is some time with your loved one and some awesome food, this is the place. My fave? The Chicken Schnitzel, with fries inside. Yep, you heard me. Fries inside your wrap.

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When you have friends that want to join you for a meal and some pitchers of beer, wine or sake, this is the place. Yes, you do have to cook the meat or steam your veggies over the center BBQ fire but my favorite is the Shrimp Sukiyaki Bibimbap.

The Woodman 

If you’re trying to turn your dinner into a night at the bar, The Woodman is the perfect place. Great drinks, and fun little games (my favorite is Connect Four) will make your night pass quickly and before you know it you’ll be headed home (or to another bar).

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Dojo Sushi

Its a brand new spot that opened up last year. I was there at the grand opening and ever since it has been my go to for great sushi. Fresh fresh fresh is my standards and they never disappoint me. They are not the cheapest on price but it reflects in the great fair on their prices as well.

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